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Over the past several years we have witnessed a steady increase in the number of government entities that wish to privatize their entire election process. For Native Americans organizations this has also meant seeking out database management services, which are the foundation of any successful election. And indeed, this shift makes great sense. Elections occur infrequently, require capital intensive investments in equipment and are conducted in a high profile environment that is not forgiving of mistakes and inefficiency. When you add the need to use volunteer poll workers who have to be trained by an office staff already stretched to its operating limits, you have the makings of a potential disaster. AES specializes in a Total Process Management approach to the planning, preparation, training, logistics, conduct, and post election reporting need for our Native American customers. We also have developed the most comprehensive enrollment, and voter registration that has ever been brought to market.

In all the years that Automated Election Services has been doing business, no two elections have been alike. We don't expect that pattern to change. There are always unique circumstances and special problems which require extra attention. This is true of Native American tribes, cities, counties and even states. But that's okay. AES had built a strong business and formidable reputation around an ability to mold our expertise to the most oddly shaped requirement that a customer can have. We call it Total Process Management. We're the only company in North America that provides this service. Simply put, AES approaches each election as an individual project. We break down the election into its management components. Each component is analyzed and woven into the final project. The result of the Total Process Management approach is a successful election of the highest integrity.

No matter what unique set of circumstances you have, we've seen their basic components and we can organize them into a systematic process that gets the job done.
AES is able to provide each customer with the following products and services:
    Election Law/Ordinance Training & Education for:
    Election Administration 
    Poll Officials

    Support Staff
    Voting Equipment
    AutoVote Absentee, Early Voting & VCC Systems
    Prepackaged Election Supplies    

    Election Ballots: 
    Optical Scan 
    Color Coded 
    Security Features 
    Specialty Numbering 
    Bar Coding
    Direct Access Imaging
    Election Results
    Election Results Analysis
    Election Night Results Reporting
    Presort Mailing

The TEAMS enrollment module provides the foundation for all tribal government operation. With a high speed, easy to manage system for tracking members, all other duties that use membership data become much easier, far less time consuming and more economical. With our enrollment software, finding critical information is only a mouse click away. You will be amazed at how much easier you the formerly tedious tasks become. In practical terms, our scanning and database platform will enable you to enter membership information easily and in a format customized to your own specifications. Retrieving that data later to change and address, certify a member's status or establish a voter's eligibility will take only moments. Perhaps the most valued feature of the TEAMS enrollment program is its blood quantum function. Your organization can establish up to a dozen primary tribes, bands, clans or pueblos. When a new member is entered into the program, his or her percentages of Indian blood and non-Indian blood are automatically calculated for based upon the mother and father who are already in the system. Entering genealogy data on new adult members is also very easy to do. Another attractive feature of the enrollment program is that it provides a complete and current database that can be used for a wide variety of practical application. For starters, many of our customers combine the enrollment package with our identification card system. A personalized photo ID card with your seal and such personal information as name, age, address, and even blood quantum percentages can be produced for every member of your organization. The cards are inexpensive and take only a matter of seconds to produce. The identification cards, backed by your enrollment database, can then be used in a multitude of ways. Perhaps you need to identify members for fund distribution. Maybe you'll want to use them in the administration of health education and welfare programs. Or perhaps business within your organization provide product or service discounts to your members. The identification card is a quick and easy way to make such a program effective. Last, but certainly not least, a good enrollment program is a must for creating an accurate voter registration program. And that's the next service the TEAMS software package has to offer.

Voter Registration
With the enrollment foundation in place, the voter registration module will be your best friend in the months before election day. This system makes tracking and managing voter eligibility, history, residence and registration a snap. Tracking voters becomes lightening fast and extremely accurate with signature scanning and bar coding. Immediate petition verification is made possible with high-speed queries and on-screen signature comparison. With just a few clicks of a mouse you can produce a multitude of necessary and extremely helpful lists and reports. The TEAMS Voter Registration module anticipates all your needs and questions and stands ready with the hard copy answers you're looking for. For example:

Question: Can TEAMS produce a list of eligible voters by district? 
  Answer: No problem.
Question: What about eligible voters by precinct? 
  Answer: Easy.
Question: Can I get a voter participation log for members to sign before casting a ballot?   Answer: Of course.
Question: How about a list of poll officials? 
  Answer: Sure.
Question: Can TEAMS produce a comparison analysis report? 
  Answer: Without breaking a sweat. 
Question: What about poll listing with a photo ID or signature verification? 
  Answer: Yes. 

In Short, the TEAMS Voter Registration program gives you the confidence in knowing that only eligible voters are able to cast ballots and that election day discrepancies will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The best part is, you are equipped with a voter registration system that will stand up to any challenge brought against the integrity of the process.